How rubber coverings are made: A behind the scenes look

Huber Technik's Virtual Tour

May 5, 2021 –

We are pleased to share the latest video from one of our premier suppliers – Huber Technik .

Have an inside look at how this eco-friendly family business produces their high-quality rolled rubber from start to finish. Huber Technik is the leading supplier of high-performance dairy rubber products for both small and large-scale dairy farmers. The company has been in operation since 1898, with its headquarters based in Germany. 

From the raw materials to the factory-backed warranty, Huber Technik’s external quality control and performance tests are part of their development and production philosophy. Huber’s 90+ years of rubber processing experience is a central theme and shows a multi-generational commitment to high-quality rubber excellence. With over 3 million stalls in use worldwide, their 10-year warranty remains uncontested.

Agri-Comfort’s commitment to durable products that are engineered and pre-tested before we supply them to our customers is paramount. We are pleased to partner with Huber Technik and share the common vision of ensuring that dairy producers globally are able to provide their livestock with comfortable, high quality products. We want dairy producers to be aware of the factories we represent and the best practice solutions that we offer. It is our priority that these solutions are delivered to the farmer in the most efficient and cost-effective way so that their investment goes towards a premium product.  

Learn more about Huber’s entire line of 4GS8GS, and N Series Rubber Mattress Systems and Rolled Flooring on our website.