Cow Mattress Systems for Maximum Comfort & Productivity

Consistency in comfort flooring is essential to ensure high comfort and reduced stress levels in dairy cows. High-quality rubber flooring like Huber Technik’s comfort mattress system, provides the right level of soft, yet firm flooring for dairy cows. Consistent comfort for dairy cows means low levels of stress which in turn means high productivity and […]

Eimear Cuddy

Agri-Comfort Acquisition and New Hire Announcement

Agri-Comfort Acquisition and Martin Folkema joins the team as the new Product Manager Sidney, Nebraska, Aug. 3, 2020 — Agri-Plastics, A Group of Companies, announced the acquisition of the marketing rights and designated territory of Superior Mat and Comfort Inc. A family-owned company since 1999, Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., offers customized quality rubber solutions […]

Michelle Beier

Heat Stress & Heat Abatement in Calves

Heat Stress can be one of the biggest stressors in calf rearing and must be managed to reach maximum calf comfort and performance rates. The need for heat abatement in dairy cows is well known and most farms have technical equipment in place that monitors and regulates the cow’s ambient temperature.  Heat abatement for calves […]

Eimear Cuddy

Calf Hutch Webinar: Optimizing Calf Health in 5 Easy Ways

We know from years of experience, that calves thrive in calf hutches! From their robust and calf-centric design, the Agri-Plastics calf hutches provide the perfect environment for calves to ‘Begin Strong, Stay Strong’.  At our recent Calf Hutch webinar we presented the five factors that affect calf health and development in hutches.   The Agri-Comfort / […]

Eimear Cuddy

May Webinar: ‘Why do Calves Thrive in Hutches?’

Agri-Comfort, in collaboration with our calf housing partner Agri-Plastics, will host a free webinar on Wednesday May 27th 2020.  Themed ‘Why do Calves Thrive in Hutches?’ we will provide insight and expertise on why hutches provide the perfect start for calves – ‘Begin Strong, Stay Strong’.   The May Calf Hutch webinar will be hosted by DVM […]

Eimear Cuddy

New Interview Series with Providers of Livestock Comfort Solutions

Agri-Comfort is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Interviews with Agri-Solutions People‘ – a series of frank and honest conversations with providers of livestock comfort solutions.  At the heart of these amazing stores are calf and cow comfort products and installations from dairy farms both large and small from around the world. Through the Agri-Comfort […]

Eimear Cuddy

New Agri-Brisket Board

Grassie, Ontario, April 8, 2020 — Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies, announced today the introduction of the new Brisket Board. The board is now 4 ft. long, which allows 240 boards to stack neatly on a pallet. This makes it much easier to load and unload. Brisket boards are used to help protect dairy cow’s dewclaws […]

Eimear Cuddy

Agri-Plastics Names Michelle Beier As New Marketing Manager

Sidney, Nebraska, May 31, 2019 – Agri-Plastics, a global leader of products that improve the health and growth of livestock, announced the hiring of Michelle Beier as their new Marketing Manager. Michelle is a creative leader with more than 20 years of professional experience in art direction, branding, and marketing. Michelle will be responsible for […]

Michelle Beier

Form-A-Feed Beef Conference

We are happy to support a great organization like Form-a-Feed and for all they do in the Beef and Dairy industries!


Form A Feed

We are excited to attend this years Form-A-Feed Beef Conference and will be be doing a draw for a FutureCow Stationary Brush. You need to be at this event to enter. Good Luck!