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Your premier resource for superior cow comfort innovations

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Agri-Comfort was founded by Darren VanBuuren of Agri-Plastics and Noel Kelly of Creva  Agri-International who are dairy farmers and established leaders in cow and calf comfort solutions. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to ensure that fellow dairy farmers worldwide are aware of and have access to the best on farm solutions through the use of efficient and effective logistics and sales channels. We chose to partner with the best factories so that farmers can trust where the products are sourced, the factory warranties and the advice offered by their specialists.

Agri-Comfort promotes best practice in cow and calf comfort by combining the use of proven solutions from around the world with the expertise of skilled livestock housing specialists representing us globally. We value our partnerships with the world’s leading factories to deliver high quality products and excellent technical knowledge to support dairy farmers. People love our products due to their reputation, durability and innovation.

Our mission is to ensure that dairy farmers globally are able to provide livestock comfort with quality products. We want farmers to be aware of the factories we represent and the best practice solutions that we offer. It is our priority that these solutions are delivered to the farmer in the most efficient and cost-effective way so that they pay for premium products rather than logistics and marketing. Cow and calf comfort is what we do and the comfort of our fellow farmers is equally important to us.

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