Agri-Interlock - Agri-Comfort

Interlocking Mats: Provides traction and comfort

Agri-Interlock is a high quality interlocking rubber floor mat. Agri-Interlock comes in one size – 70.8” x 47.5” and features custom interlock options – all four sides, two sides or a variety of custom cuts for your individual needs. These multi-purpose mats have a grooved underside that allow for drainage and add flex to absorb heavy foot concussion.The aggressive top pattern sustains traction and aids in slip-resistance. For your herds safety and as a preventative in lameness related trauma, the Agri-Interlock is a logical addition to areas where rolled rubber is not manageable.

Features of Interlocking Mats:

  • Non-slip surface that provides excellent traction for your herd
  • Resiliency for proper cushioning of feet and legs
  • Durable for long and serviceable facility life
  • Formulated quality to be robust and forgiving
  • Unique Interlock configuration for installation versatility
  • Highest quality UPCYCLED rubber

Double-Button Surface


Width: 47.5” / 126.7cm
Lengths: 70.29” – 70.89” / 178.5 – 180cm
Double Button Thickness:
.875” / 22.2mm

Mat Sizes

A variety of edges allow for greater flexibility when fitting irregular spaces.
Custom cuts available upon request.

Pebble-Top Surface


Width: 47.5” / 126.7cm
Lengths: 70.29” – 70.89” / 178.5 – 180cm
Pebble-Top Thickness:
.625” / 16mm

  • A soft flooring surface is beneficial for hoof health.
  • The proportion of cows becoming lame is greater for cows exposed to concrete than those on rubber.
  • Cows on concrete have greater odds of developing or exacerbating heel erosion than cows on rubber flooring.
– Journal of Dairy Science (2006)