Legacy Slat Rubber Flooring

Advantages of Slat Rubber Flooring

When cows are more comfortable, milk production is increased.  There is also a reduction of injuries because of improved heat detection and improved traction.  This results in increased cow longevity, which is best for both your livestock and your business.

Legacy Slat Mat features:

  • Double-Button surface for ultimate traction and cushion
  • Animal-friendly
  • Developed for Beef and Dairy cattle
  • Reinforced: least deformation
  • Patented All-Rubber Fastener System
  • Full slat coverage: Exact fit to concrete
  • Easy installation
  • Made from 100% virgin tire rubber
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Slip-resistant surface

Our Patented Fastener

Our Legacy Slat Rubber Flooring and its rubber properties prevent the highest amount of injuries. Other brands use plastic and steel in their fastener and can result in more injuries. Our patented reverse barb wedge is made from rubber and keeps mats securely in place while also protecting your livestock’s hooves.

United States Patent (US 10,512,350)

Legacy Slat Mat


Dimensions: 4′ / 1.2m L x 6′ / 3.-3.6m W

Thickness: .75″ / 18mm

Weight: ±95-100 lbs. / ±743.6 – 45.4 kg

Legacy Slat Rubber Flooring has over 2 times and 2.5 times the abrasion resistance of the next leading competitors. Research also demonstrates that Legacy Slat Mat has a higher yield gain percentage compared to other brands.

Abrasion Resistance with Rotating Emery Cloth (Pressure of 500N for 10,000 times)

Productivity: Yield gain % vs. other systems