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Premier Slat Rubber Flooring

Advantages of Slat Rubber Flooring

The Premier Slat Rubber Flooring is developed taking into account the demanding circumstances under which it should perform, the function it serves for animal welfare, as well as the economic factor for the farmers. It is composed of up-cycled rubber materials and is unmatched in strength by alternatives in the market today. The product improves yield for farmers and reduces the levels of nitrogen excreted by cattle, therefore directly reducing the farmers’ environmental footprint.

Premier Slat Mat features:

  • Animal friendly
  • Developed for Beef and Dairy Cattle
  • Reinforced: least deformation
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Patented All-Rubber Fastener System
  • Full slat coverage: exact fit to concrete
  • Easy installation
  • Made from up-cycled rubber
  • 8-Year Limited Warranty

Premier Slat Mat



4’ / 1.2m L x 10-12’ / 3-3.6m W

.75” / 19mm

±160-200 lbs / ±72.6-90.7k


“The majority of cows prefer to walk and
stand on soft rubber than
on concrete flooring.”   
– J. Dairy Science 2007

Advantages of Premier Slat Mats:

• Increased milk production

• Reduction of injuries

• Improved heat detection

• Improved traction

• Increased cow longevity

Premier Slat Mat has over 2 times the abrasion resistance of the next leading competitor. Research also demonstrates that Premier Slat Mat has a higher yield gain % compared to other brands.

Abrasion Resistance with Rotating Emery Cloth (Pressure of 500N for 10,000 times)

Productivity: Yield gain % vs. other systems

Our Premier Slat Rubber Mats and its rubber properties prevent the highest amount of injuries. Other brands use plastic and steel in their fastener and can result in more injuries.

United States Patent (US 10,512,350)

Our Slat Rubber Mats have the best rubber properties in the industry. It outperforms the existing brands leading to the highest yield in terms of average length of fattening, up to 9% faster.