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Agri-Comfort was founded by Darren VanBuuren of Agri-Plastics and Noel Kelly of Creva Agri-International who are dairy farmers and established leaders in cow and calf comfort solutions. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to ensure that fellow dairy farmers worldwide are aware of and have access to the best on farm solutions through the use of efficient and effective logistics and sales channels. We chose to partner with the best factories so that farmers can trust where the products are sourced, the factory warranties and the advice offered by their specialists.

Agri-Comfort promotes best practice in cow and calf comfort by combining the use of proven solutions from around the world with the expertise of skilled livestock housing specialists representing us globally. We value our partnerships with the world’s leading factories to deliver high quality products and excellent technical knowledge to support dairy farmers. People love our products due to their reputation, durability and innovation. 

Our mission is to ensure that dairy farmers globally are able to provide livestock comfort with quality products. We want farmers to be aware of the factories we represent and the best practice solutions that we offer. It is our priority that these solutions are delivered to the farmer in the most efficient and cost-effective way so that they pay for premium products rather than logistics and marketing. Cow and calf comfort is what we do and the comfort of our fellow farmers is equally important to us.

Meet Our North American Team

Meet Our International Team

Noel Kelly: Managing Director, Ireland
Specialty Areas: Relationship Building, New Business, Problem Solving

Noel studied Agriculture initially and later Sales in University College Dublin. He believes good business is built on great relationships. With a lifelong background and education in dairy farming built by working on his family farm, he has combined these technical skills with his ability to connect people to the products and services they need to be more successful. Working as an international Business-to-Business facilitator for various agricultural businesses, Noel is proud of how Agri-Comfort has been able to combine their products with individual solutions that help farmers make their day to day operations more efficient, which increases the comfort of both cows and calves. Noel enjoys traveling and keeping up to date with tech and other developments in the Agri Industry.

Steve Bartlam: Sales Manager at Agri-Comfort, North America
Specialty Areas: New Business, Cow Comfort, Problem Solving

Steve is an experienced National and International Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working with direct sales, dealers and distributors within multiple industries specializing in AG. He is a strong business development professional skilled in product marketing representation and sales process management. 

Livy-Forde-AgriComfort-Creva-Agri-InternationalLivy Forde: Operations Director, Ireland
Specialty Areas: Operations, eCommerce, Knowledge Transfer

Olivia joined Agri-Comfort in August 2019 as Operations Director having spent 10 years as CTO of Lifes2good, a nutraceuticals company. With a degree in Commerce and a Masters in Information Systems from University College Galway, Olivia brings with her vast experience in the eCommerce and Operations field. Having been raised on a farm Olivia has an understanding for the issues faced by farmers and can use this knowledge with her business acumen to provide the best solutions to both farmers and the factories we represent.

Olivia-Qualter-AgriComfort-Creva-Agri-International       Olivia Qualter: Operations, Logistics & Customer Service
Specialty Areas: Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Accounts

Nele-Schermeier-Agri-Comfort-Agri-Plastics-DVMNele Schermeier: Veterinary Consultant and Cow Comfort Specialist, Germany
Specialty Areas: Ventilation, Cow Comfort & Wellness, Calf Feeding, Respiratory Diseases

Nele, a German Vet, joined the Agri-Comfort Team in January 2019. Before studying to become a Vet at JLU GießenGermany, she worked on German farms for 2 years and earned an Apprentice Degree in farming. As a vet and animal lover her main goal is set to bring more comfort and welfare to livestock, especially dairy cows and calves. Nele speaks both German and English and will be travelling Internationally sharing her knowledge and advice. Nele enjoys travelling as a hobby so this will be a very interesting development. Nele also has a personal interest in Organic and self-sustaining farming.

Lukasz-Piasecki-Agri-Comfort-Agri-Plastics-Creva-Agri-InternationalLukasz Piasecki: International Sales Director
Specialty Areas: Sales, Advice on Rubber Products, Cow Comfort



Robert-Fiolek-Agri-Comfort-Agri-Plastics-PolandRobert Fiolek: European Sales and Consultation, Poland
Specialty Areas: Sales, Advice on Rubber Products, Cow Comfort
Robert has worked with Creva for 5 years and has also been running his own AGRO MANAGER company for five years. His company provides the latest technological solutions for leading dairy farmers. He has 8 years of experience in the agricultural industry and in particular rubber products for cattle and products supporting correct calf rearing. Robert has a Masters in Business from University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. Robert speaks Polish and English and has a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy.

Ronan Gleeson: Business Development, Ireland, UK & Emerging Markets
Specialty Areas: Cow Comfort, Knowledge Transfer

Ronan holds a Business Degree from NUI Galway and a Masters of Agricultural from University College Dublin. Ronan has a keen interest and passion for agriculture which is driven by a proud family farming tradition that goes back hundreds of years. He has experience in the financial sector, insurance industry and the meat industry from previous roles.

Victor-Delautre-AgriComfort-AgriPlastics-Creva-Agri-InternationalVictor Delautre: International Sales, France
Specialty Areas: Sales, Veterinary, Relationship Building


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