Agri-Diamond Rolled Rubber Flooring

Diamonds are a HERD'S Best Friend

The right herd floor doesn’t need to be puzzling; the right herd floor doesn’t need to be a gently used re-purposed discard. The Agri-Diamond is specifically designed and engineered for your cow’s daily comfort and traction needs. Whether its alleys, breezeways, walkways, parlors or holding areas – whether its flush, skid steer or automated cleaning – Agri-Diamond will floor you!

Agri-Diamond features:

• Lateral bi-directional traction
• Industrial grade belting
• Double woven 2 plies
• Virgin rubber compound
• Non-absorbent and urine resistant
• Consistent quality
• Ideal for all types of cleaning equipment
• Precision-fit installation for minimal herd disruption

Agri-Diamond benefits:

• Increase milk production
• Reduction of injuries
• Improved heat detection 
• Improved traction
• Increased cow longevity 
• Decrease lameness

Rubber flooring provides a more secure footing and is more comfortable to walk on, especially for lame cattle. – Journal of Dairy Science, 2008



Dimensions: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ 7′ widths  x 100′ long rolls

Thickness: 18 mm / 3/4″