Huber Technik Rubber

Our highly advanced Huber Technik cubicle flooring provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints.

Dobro Interlocking Rubber

Interlocking rubber floor tiles that help the comfort of the cows standing. Rubber is durable and will last up to 15 years.

Agri-Sand Saver

This innovative grid fits easily into freestalls to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your sand bedding efforts.

Future Cow Brushes

Designed and sized specifically for calves to increase their comfort and decrease stress.

Flap Duct

Ventilation System to gives producers even more control over ventilation requirements for a customized solution that shelters your biggest investment—your calves.

Milk Bar

Now there’s a way to ensure that calves drink at the slow speed required for full milk curding and lactose absorption.

Agri Plastics

Partnering Company with Agri- Comfort