Products - Agri-Comfort


Agri-Diamond Flooring

Specifically designed and engineered for your cow’s daily comfort and traction needs. Works in a variety of barn and cleaning setups.

Huber Technik Rubber

Our highly advanced Huber Technik cubicle flooring provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints.

Poly Brisket Board

This shorter 4′ connecting board enhances stall cleanliness by positioning the cow’s forward location relative to the alley curb.

Agri-Interlock Mats

Non-slip surface provides excellent traction for your herd. Unique Interlock configuration for installation versatility.

Premier Slat Rubber Mats

Pebbletop surface. Fiber Reinforced Rubber provides strength and durability.​ Slats allow for easy cleaning, and the rubber surface provides traction and comfort.

Legacy Slat Rubber Mats

Double Button surface for the ultimate traction and comfort. Fiber Reinforced Rubber provides strength and durability. Slats allow for easy cleaning.

Agri-Grid Sand Saver

This innovative grid fits easily into freestalls to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your sand bedding efforts.

Agri-Comfort Roto Brush

A revolution in cow care and comfort: The unique brush rotates on contact at an animal-friendly speed. This brush swings freely and keeps cows restful and relaxed.

Agri-Tuff Stationary Brush

This pedestal brush is low maintenance – No electricity required. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is weather and frost resistant.

Agri-Comfort is a Division of Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies