4GS Stall Mattress System - Agri-Comfort

4GS Stall Mattress System

Our highly advanced Huber Technik cubicle flooring provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints, enhance health and improve overall productivity. Combining a specially designed, 100% virgin rubber top cover and composite Agglorex latex foam substructure, the 4GS offers the latest in soft bed technology, with tensile strength that has been tested and proven.

To achieve the ultimate in cow comfort, health and production performance in your freestall, we recommend our 4GS system. It has the highest tensile cover available on the market and the best foam base cushion to optimize laying duration.

Here's How It Works

The full rubber top cover features a high-strength fabric.
.16″ / 4mm is bolted to the concrete on both sides of the foam base. A slope in the rear area facilitates liquid drainage for surface dryness and easy cleanup.

The foam base consists of 1.2″ / 30mm thick composite foam sheets, creating perfect deflection. The compression resistance is designed for high punctual loads by dairy cows, keeping the shape of the base intact for many years.