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Interviews with Agri-Solutions People

New Interview Series with Providers of Livestock Comfort Solutions

Agri-Comfort is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Interviews with Agri-Solutions People‘ – a series of frank and honest conversations with providers of livestock comfort solutions.  At the heart of these amazing stories are calf and cow comfort products and installations from dairy farms both large and small from around the world.

Through the Agri-Comfort ‘Interviews with Agri-Solutions People‘ series, we will showcase and celebrate some of the amazing products, stories and people in the livestock comfort sector.  We have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly passionate and knowledgeable specialists through our work with farmers and livestock comfort dealers.

These livestock comfort specialists excel in their fields – from their innovative, trouble-shooting and problem-solving approaches through to how they seek to make a difference to the every day lives of farmers and livestock around the world.  Like Agri-Comfort, they are passionate about eliminating dairy discomfort.  Join us as we learn first-hand about some of the amazing solutions and livestock comfort stories from the best in our industry.

The first in this series of ‘Agri-Solutions People Interviews’ is with Noel Kelly, Co-Founder of Agri-Comfort and Gerwin Meesters of Van Spijker B.V. & Agri-Plastics Nederland.  Agri-Plastics NL is a calf housing specialist and offers a complete range of calf housing solutions: calf hutches, calf pens, group housing as well as calf feeding systems and calf barn ventilation.

Check out our first Interview with Agri-Solutions People here

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