Huber Technik Cow Comfort Flooring

Healthy, contented cows plus easy-to-clean barns.

Our highly advanced Huber Technik cubicle flooring provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints, enhance health and improve overall productivity. Combining a specially designed, 100% virgin rubber top cover and composite Agglorex latex foam substructure, the 4GS offers the latest in soft bed technology, with tensile strength that has been tested and proven.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is rubber?
    Today, the word rubber denotes many synthetic materials with elastic properties in addition to natural rubber. Rubber has the ability to cross-link under heat and high pressure. This process provides rubber with the desired and final form. This rubber-specific cross-linking ability is called vulcanization. This process happens only once and it cannot be reversed.

  2. Is it new rubber or a rubber regenerate?
    Vulcanized rubber cannot be melted and newly pressed. It can only be broken up with a high amount of energy. Regenerates come mainly from broken up old tires. They have little binding strength left (ability to crosslink). In order to re-shape them, bonding agents must be used. Regenerates are primarily suitable for relative hard, large-volume components.

  3. Is it natural rubber or a tire mixture?
    Huber Technik uses only new tire rubber, with a minimum of 90 % of it having not been vulcanized (new rubber). Tire mixtures contain valuable additives, which assure age-resistance. Lower priced natural rubber mixtures do not contain those stabilizers. Therefore, the influence of light and air (ozone) easily makes them brittle. A high specific weight (>1.2) is an indicator for a high amount of fillers (chalk) in the rubber compound. Fillers make the compound heavier and cheaper. A high amount of filler is not an advantage for a product’s elasticity and durability.

  4. What does wear-and-tearresistance mean?
    To determine wear-and-tear ability of rubber products, tear resistance, stretching ability at the breaking point, and abrasions are primarily examined. These criteria are clearly superior in new rubber. Why do you need a inner liner of fabric? Coverings made of high-quality new rubber must not be very thick in order to offer elasticity, comfort, and durability. The fiber insert made of polyamide polyester stabilizes surface coverings and minimizes rubber-specific stretching. In thin surface covers, the fiber must carry the load. The rubber provides solely a protective surface and wear-and-tear protection.