Huber Technik Rubber - Agri-Comfort

Stall Mattress Systems and Flooring

A behind-the-scene look at Huber Technik's Factory!

4GS Soft Beds • 8GS Soft Beds • N Series

• Established in 1925
• Made in Germany
• Exclusively new tire compound
• PAH and ISO 9000 certified

About 4GS and 8GS Stall Mattress Systems:

Our highly advanced Huber Technik stall mattresses provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints, enhance health and improve overall productivity. Combining a specially designed, 100% virgin rubber top cover and composite Agglorex latex foam substructure, this mattress system offers the latest in soft bed technology, with tensile strength that has been tested and proven.
* Customized sizes on top-cover and latex foam available upon request.

About N Series Stalls & Rolled Rubber Flooring:

At Agri-Comfort we will FLOOR YOU with our Huber Technik rolled rubber flooring. All of our continuous rolls can be cut to customized lengths to ensure minimal joints or seams in your stalls or floors. All our stall and flooring options are exceptionally flexible and provide a high level of slip-resistance. Coupled with 100% new tire compound, all rolls are fabric interlined for added strength.