Agri-Comfort Roto Brush - Agri-Comfort

Agri-Comfort Roto Brush

A Revolution in Cow Care Comfort!

  • Enhances cleanliness
  • Improves skin health
  • Keeps cows restful and relaxed
  • Diminish fly and parasite stress
  • Amplifies milk production
  • Abates heat stress and dislodges winter coats
  • Massage increases blood circulation
  • Multi-rotation direction for enhanced bristle life
  • Touch-activated

Automatic Cow Brush

Hinged attachment allows full range of motion and angles for optimum coverage

  • Overall Dimensions:
    58.2” H x  16.93” W x 44.5″ D /
    1.48m H x 43cm W x 1.13m D
  • Brush Dimensions: 
  • 28.7” H x 17.3″ W /
    73cm H x 44cm W
  • Easy to clean with pressure washers
  • Motorized Calf Brush Available



Designed to improve cow health and welfare, the Agri-Comfort Roto Brush is a revolution in cow care and comfort. The unique brush rotates on contact at an animal-friendly speed. Designed to swing freely in all directions, this comfort Roto Brush provides thorough cow contentment. The hard-wearing nylon bristles provide the right level of scrubbing while cleaning their hides and stimulating blood circulation.