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Kurtsan Fixed Cow Brush



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Fixed Cow Brushes

• Enhances cleanliness and improves skin health
• Keeps cows restful and relaxed
• Diminish fly and parasite stress
• Abates heat stress and dislodges winter coats
• Massage increases blood circulation

• Amplify milk production
• Simple and sturdy
• No electricity needed
• Reliable and comfortable
• Maintenance-free

The Kurtsan Fixed Cow Brush is designed for operations and areas where electrical power accessibility is not an option. The Fixed Cow Brush is available in three sizes for every stage of life in your production herd.

Fixed Brush

Small Brush Overall Dimensions:
19.7” L x 11.8” W /
50cm L x 30cm W

Fixed Brush

Medium Brush Overall Dimensions:
19.7” L x 15.7” W /
50cm L x 40cm  W

Fixed Brush

Large Brush
Overall Dimensions:
35.4” L x 15.7” W /
90cm L x 40cm W

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