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SYSTEMS  –  Brushes, balls & more

Comfort Brush

The heavy-duty, 48” rotating Comfort Brush is perfect for keeping your cows and cattle clean, relaxed and comfortable.

Like the popular Calf Brush, this adult cow version has been extensively researched, revealing numerous benefits relating to cow health, happiness and productivity. This energy-saving, motion-activated brush only rotates when your cows are ready to interact, and its hourglass shape is specifically designed for cows. It features soft bristles for maximum comfort and durability.

Key Advantages:

• Alleviates stress

• Offers fly and parasite relief

• Natural grooming alternative

• Reduces unnecessary barn damage

• Potential to increase production & profitability

• 2-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee

Comfort Brush is approved for indoor/outdoor use and has an optional hinge for easy cleaning access. Our design is patent-pending, and this is the only cow brush manufactured in the U.S.A.

Stationary Brush

Another option in our ComfortBrush product line, this Stationary Brush is a popular way to keep your cows clean and happy.

This heavy-duty unit features a 24” cow brush, attached to a sturdy yet flexible cable. The design offers just the right amount of tension to let your cows brush their heads, sides or backs. Ideal for barns or lots with no electrical access, the Stationary Brush is maintenance free with no additional costs after installation. There is no limit to the number of cows that can use one brush.


• Alleviates stress

• Offers fly and parasite relief

• Natural grooming alternative

• Prevents unnecessary barn damage

•Potential to increase production & profitability

Calf Brush

Designed and sized specifically for calves to increase their comfort and decrease stress.

So much more than a simple brush, the FutureCow Calf Brush is a proven performer when it comes to calf grooming, health and overall animal contentedness. Studied and validated by many universities, the brush delivers a noticeable improvement in cleanliness, as well as numerous added benefits. Your calves will enjoy all of the following:

• Mimics natural grooming behavior

• Exfoliates the skin

• Decreases fly and parasite stress

• Helps keep calves clean

• Promotes increased glandular function

• Assists in weight gain


Calf Ball

This easy-to-install, free-swinging ball helps occupy calves while easing them into a group housing environment.

Adding a Calf Ball to your group housing helps minimize stress and reduces some of the vulnerabilities every calf must face. By being introduced to enrichment tools like this at an early age, your calves have a better chance of growing into more productive cows. A safer, more stress-free domain can help them reach optimal weight faster, removing them from the danger zone of calf related setbacks.

• Reduce suckling among each other

• Minimize the rubbing on stalls, barns, and equipment

• Lessen vocalizations

• Promote healthy social interaction

• Enrich their formative months

Eases Calves into Adulthood

The Calf Ball also helps to prevent conventional weaning distress by creating a safer alternative to typical coping behavior. All of these benefits make the Future CowCalf Ball a popular, effective tool that could result in healthier, more productive cows over the long term.