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No one understands the art and science of rotomolding better than the expert team at Agri-Plastics. Our modern facilities in the US and Canada offer more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space, operated by a talented workforce with years of experience in plastics. Take a look at the many innovative molded ideas available now from Agri-Plastic.

Calf housing challenges can have a big impact on the health of your herd. That is why, in 1995, Darren and Rob VanBuuren founded Agri-Plastics. These third-generation dairymen know first-hand the difficulties you and your crew experience on the farm, so they began experimenting with hutch designs to provide healthier, more comfortable environments for calves that help improve efficiencies for your business.

Over the years, Agri-Plastics has listened and learned from many other producers, and they have used that knowledge to create game-changing innovations that have since become industry standards. Each hutch, pen and group housing system focuses on 5 life-sustaining elements to help reduce calf mortality.

Calf Hutches

We Are The Calf Housing Specialists

By Dairy Farmers, For Dairy Farmers

Your calves represent perhaps the most rewarding financial investment you can make. More reliable than stock trading, more lucrative than a savings account, dairy calf rearing pays dividends like nothing else. So you’ll want to “Shelter Your Investment” and grow it in the most effective ways possible – and that means calf housing solutions from Agri-Plastics.

Our hutches are world-renowned for their durability, efficiency and ergonomic design. Whether you need group housingstarter pens or more flexible calf housingAgri-Plastics can help you achieve maximum return on investment.