Calf Hutch Webinar: Optimizing Calf Health in 5 Easy Ways

NEWS Eimear Cuddy

We know from years of experience, that calves thrive in calf hutches! From their robust and calf-centric design, the Agri-Plastics calf hutches provide the perfect environment for calves to ‘Begin Strong, Stay Strong’.  At our recent Calf Hutch webinar we presented the five factors that affect calf health and development in hutches.  

The Agri-Comfort / Agri-Plastics calf hutch webinar was hosted by DVM Nele Schermeier with our calf housing specialist Robert Fiolek and over the course of 50 mins, they shared best practice and examples of how farmers can optimize calf health and get the most from their investment.

According to research by Davis & Drackley (1998) the basics of good calf housing are:

  1. Dry, draft-free and properly ventilated
  2. Easy access to feed and water
  3. Dry, absorbing and insulating bedding
  4. Easy access for handling and treatment
  5. Easy to clean and sanitize

Some of the take-outs from this month’s webinar include:  

  • Calves in hutches have fewer cases of pneumonia  
  • Calves in hutches consume more solid feeds
  • Calves in hutches gain more weight – 252g/d more! 
  • Calves in well-designed hutches are healthier
  • Innovative hutches can be used in flexible ways
  • Durable hutches are a more cost-effective calf housing solution
Watch the webinar below for all the detail on Agri-Plastics Calf Hutches including examples of how they work on farms around the world.