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    Farm-tested products that redefine the next level of cow comfort.

  • Agri-Diamond

    Rolled Rubber Flooring

  • Huber Technik Stall Mattress Systems

    Healthy, content cows plus easy to clean barns

  • Agri-Grid Sand Saver

    Reduce sand/compost waste up to 40%!

  • N-Series Rolled Alley Flooring

    Huber Technik's softness emulates a pasture feel

  • Agri-Interlock Mats

    Unique interlock configuration for installation versatility

The "Great Indoors"

Economic incentives have encouraged producers to expand herd size; consequently there has been a gradual change from pasture-based operations to confinement-type housing systems. Advantages include improved access to feed and water, protection from environmental conditions, and improved hygiene and comfort. 

With this criteria in mind, our goal is to provide high quality farm solutions  along with effective logistics and sales channels.  We work hard to ensure that dairy producers worldwide have access to the best products to take your cows to the next level in cow comfort, hoof health and increased milk production.

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“After years of using deep bed sand or sawdust for our cows we were tired of bedding literally going down the drain! We decided to install stall mats and went with the Agri-Grid Sand Saver from Agri-Comfort. Best decision we could have made. The cows continue to get the feel of deep bedding while remaining dry and happy and best of all, our bedding bill has been cut by close to 2/3 putting more money in our pocket!”
Chris Van den Heuvel
Fireblade Holsteins Ltd.